These teens need your help to end police brutality.  “Community participation is critical”

These teens need your help to end police brutality. “Community participation is critical”

Atlanta, GA: May 28th, 2016  –  The teenage trio from Georgia, Ima, Asha and Caleb Christian relaunched their Five-O police rating app in a more competitive environment but they differentiate their offering by encouraging both positive and negative reviews and by taking steps to commend outstanding and deserving officers.  The team intends to work with police departments, community activists, citizens and the media to encourage law enforcement entities to fix problems before the next deadly incident.  “If community members do not report their experiences, then we have no way of identifying and highlighting departments, officers or situations before the next potentially deadly issue occurs”, says high school Junior Caleb Christian.  “Community participation is critical”

The team used their $22,000first place award from the December 2015 Hiil Innovating Justice Challenge at The Hague, Netherlands to redesign and rebuild the Five-O [NxtGen] app and they believe that identifying bad officers and commending good officers will help to build and / or strengthen the bond between citizens and police officers in communities across the US.  This new version of Five-O will also allow police departments to notify citizens of police-community events by submitting an entry to the app which will then notify all users in that police department’s area, additionally, users; with one button push, will be able to notify family members of their GPS location in the event they are stopped by police.  Citizens will also continue to be able to rate and review police interactions and to maintain a history of all of their interaction details within the system.

“We believe that Five-O will make a significant difference if we are able to convince community members to be a part of our movement for change.  We want them to feel comfortable sharing their experiences within our app, so we will do everything possible with the resources we have at our disposal to make this happen”, said 17yr old team member Asha Christian.  “We are convinced that some of the power to change the quality of policing in our communities lies in our own hands, but we must be willing to act.”

The Five-O team members reiterate their commitment to make consistent, the quality of police services across all communities in the US and they encourage police departments to use the app to share police sponsored community events. They also implore all citizens to do their part by downloading the app today and sharing their police interaction experiences.

Five-O is available in android and IOS versions and can also be accessed in the app stores or online at  
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