About Us

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.44.35 AMWe are Ima, Asha and Caleb Christian [and that’s our grandma].  We are siblings and teen co-founders of a mobile application development company in Georgia, called Pinetart Inc. Our first project is development of a website and mobile app called FIVE-O.  In creating FIVE-O, our goal was to understand the differences in police and citizen relationships among various communities across the United States.  We also wanted to provide a place for citizens to store all of their interactions with law enforcement officers, while allowing them to rate and review their interactions with officers.

With help from all stakeholders, our goal is to make the data available to help strengthen relationships between citizens and the police officers that serve their communities.  To achieve this goal, we must be able to identify models of good police and horrible policing.  We intend to provide information to the media, community activists, law enforcement and regular citizens so that models of good policing can be emulated and cases of bad policing identified and rooted out.

We urge you to log in, complete our short form and maintain an account with us.  Also tell all your friends!!!  Together, we can help to change the world!