Ima Christian, Co-Founder Pinetart Inc. / Investment Partner Dorm Room Fund

Ima Christian is an Investment Partner with Dorm Room Fund and she is also finishing up her freshman year at Stanford University where she is pursuing a B.S. degree in Computer Science.

Ima is an award winning startup co-founder, mentor, and tutor. Her team’s first app, Five-0, is a nationally recognized tool for improving police-citizen relationships across the United States. Five-0 recently gained international acclaim, winning the 2015 Innovating Justice Challenge and 20,000 euros at the Hague, Netherlands in December. Ima is also engaged in creating a national and international IT platform to encourage K-12 students to become excited about Computer Science.



Asha Christian, Co-Founder Pinetart Inc. / Creator,

Asha Christian is a 17-year old high school Junior at the Georgia Cyber Academy in Stone Mountain, GA.  She is Co-Founder of Pinetart Inc. and is the technical influence behind Five-O.

In addition to organizing quarterly ‘Community tech. days’ for kids in the Lithonia-Decatur, GA communities, she continues to organize Scratch Coding classes at her alma mater. Asha is passionate about using technology to innovate for social good is passionate about the need for more women and people of color in every field of technology.


L. Caleb Christian, Co-Founder Pinetart Inc.

Caleb Christian is a Sophomore student at Georgia Cyber Academy.  He is one of the Co-Founders of Pinetart Inc., a mobile app development company based in Atlanta, GA.  Caleb is an advanced Science Student and has conducted research on Lupus disease.